What Is Crossfit?


The movements that we perform are functional movements. Functional movements imitate many of the tasks we perform in everyday life. A deadlift is nothing more than picking something up off the ground. We squat when we sit down in a chair. Functional movements also have the unique ability to move a large load a long distance and do it quickly. None of this can be said true for the classic isolation movements, such as bicep curls or leg extensions.


Intensity is an easy way of stating how much work you can do in a certain amount of time. The more work you can do in an allotted amount of time, the more fit you are and the more intense your training will be. The intensity of our workouts is what produces the incredible results. Bear in mind that we do not encourage intensity with a sacrifice in technique.


CrossFit workouts are constantly varied. Some workouts are never repeated, although we do perform some “benchmark” workouts in order to gauge progress. We vary modalities (Olympic lifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, etc.), loads (light, moderate, heavy, etc.), and time domains (short, medium, long, etc.). Variance prevents our bodies from adapting and keeps us from getting bored.


Within these walls, you will find a community and a fitness level unlike any other.  At Copper City CrossFit, we use bumper plates, barbells, medicine balls, olympic rings, large tires, pull-up bars, rowing machines, and plyometric boxes. You will run, jump, push, pull, throw, drag and climb your way to an elite level of fitness. There are no mirrors on the walls, nobody performing isolation movements, such as bicep curls and lateral raises, and most importantly, you will find no whiners. We are a community of like-minded, goal driven people.