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28 Day ``Back to Basics`` Nutrition Challenge

Nutrition 101 Program ( 1-time consult):

$79 introductory session which will include:

  • 1-time consult ( 60 minutes)
  • Discuss Goal Setting
  • Basic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching
  • Receive one-week basic meal plan and food log


Customized Nutrition Program:

$199 four week program includes:

  • Initial Consultation ( ~ 75 Minutes )
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Handbook
  • Determine Your Baseline
  • Health Coaching & Goal Setting
  • Understand the fundamentals of nutrition
  • Receive a customized meal plan based on goals and workout schedule
  • Receive 4 weeks of meal plans
  • Supplements and timing around workouts
  • Measurements and body fat percentage testing before and after
  • Before and after photos
  • 2 week check in email
  • Follow up consultation and re-measure ( ~ 30 minutes )


Deluxe Customized Nutrition Package

$399 six week program includes:

  • Everything that the customized nutrition program offers
  • Food log review and feedback during the 6-week program
  • In addition to the initial and follow-up consultations, you will receive 15-minute phone calls weekly for ongoing coaching and support.


Nutrition is the foundation for athletic development. If you aren’t eating correctly, you are greatly limiting your own potential and will, ultimately, plateau prematurely. For more information, feel free to call, email or simply talk to one of our awesome staff members and they will point you in the right direction.



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