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CrossFit L1

Alison learned of CrossFit when she decided to change her diet about 5 years ago. She looked to nutrition to stop a growing waistline and sort out a low energy, stuck-in-a-rut period of life. She chose the Primal Blueprint’s approach to nutrition, which also advocates re-learning to play and practicing functional fitness. As luck would have it, 6 months into her nutrition journey Copper City CrossFit came to town. Alison joined during its first month of operation in 2012 to learn how to squat, deadlift, and do a pull-up. Now, 4 years later she’s learned many gymnastics skills, fell in love with Olympic lifting, and continues to practice a paleo-based diet to support her CrossFit habit. She’s always open to learning new things and sharing her nutrition and fitness journey to help others. She received her CrossFit Level 1 certificate in December 2015.