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Coach, Owner

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Anthony has been involved in CrossFit for eight years now. After years of on and off training that didn’t seem to get results and didn’t keep his interest, Anthony stumbled upon CrossFit. Early one morning he observed a rowdy group of CrossFit “early-adopters” trying to pull off these seemingly unusual and unorthodox workouts in a standard gym setting. They appeared to be challenged, having fun and getting really fit and this sparked his intrigue. After searching the internet for all things CrossFit and finding what looked like an achievable workout (20 minutes of pull ups, push ups and squats… which was quickly reduced to 7 minutes…) he gave the whole “CrossFit thing” a try. He hasn’t looked back since. Anthony decided in early 2012 to bring the joys and challenges of this exciting training methodology to Butte, America by opening Copper City CrossFit with his wife, Tara.