Congratulations to everyone that has endured the final (for a short term) Wendler cycle. The PR bell has been ringing proudly this last week. If you were fortunate enough to obtain a new PR, relish the feeling and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. If these two letters eluded you at this time, rest assured your hard work and diligence were not wasted. As previously touched upon, PRs are the result of several factors – not every day can be the Super Bowl, keep pushing forward with the strength you’ve built over these last cycles.
Strength programming will not be forgotten as we believe this is the foundation of any great STRENGTH and conditioning program. The strength programming will shift focus from the back squat, bench press, deadlift, press, Wendler 531 model to more of a maintenance based 5×5 or similar model. We will incorporate various versions of core lifts to challenge this new strength and maintain it. For example, squats can and will include front, back, overhead, single leg, etc. Additionally, Olympic complexes and Strongman lifts will be incorporated. This is an opportunity to not only build strength and explosiveness but allow those of you refining technique and power in the Oly and Power primer courses to shine!
We will continue to do our best to develop unique and challenging conditioning workouts, while also blending in the occasional “Girl” to test your lungs and perhaps your will (another round of “Kelly” anyone?) Conditioning will be focused on attempting to meet the needs of the upcoming summer competition season. Expect to see tires for flipping, kettlebell swings, occasional running, along with the typical MetCon movements. We strive to create workouts that result in well-rounded athletes capable of tackling anything you choose to for recreation or competition.
Again, your time in the gym is intended to be the best hour of your day. To give you all that you deserve from the coaching staff, respect that fact that we intend to give you the best coaching possible. In return, be coachable.
Understand that our intent is assist and encourage you to the best of our ability. After all, that’s what makes it the best hour(s) of our day too.
Until next time…
Coach Ray and Coach Scott