Established in March 2012, Copper City CrossFit was the first CrossFit affiliate in Butte, Montana. Anthony and Tara founded the gym because they had a passion for fitness and a passion for the great city of Butte.

Copper City CrossFit’s mission is to provide a fun and positive training environment in order to develop and foster a community of strong and healthy individuals that are dedicated to improving their quality of life.

The expansive facility features spacious locker rooms, showers, and kids play area.



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Anthony Fields
Anthony FieldsCoach | Owner
CrossFit Level 2 | CrossFit Powerlifting | USA Weightlifting Level 1 | CrossFit Kids | CrossFit Gymnastics

Anthony has been involved in CrossFit for eight years now. After years of on and off training that didn’t seem to get results and didn’t keep his interest, Anthony stumbled upon CrossFit. Early one morning he observed a rowdy group of CrossFit “early-adopters” trying to pull off these seemingly unusual and unorthodox workouts in a standard gym setting. They appeared to be challenged, having fun and getting really fit and this sparked his intrigue. After searching the internet for all things CrossFit and finding what looked like an achievable workout (20 minutes of pull ups, push ups and squats… which was quickly reduced to 7 minutes…) he gave the whole “CrossFit thing” a try. He hasn’t looked back since. Anthony decided in early 2012 to bring the joys and challenges of this exciting training methodology to Butte, America by opening Copper City CrossFit with his wife, Tara.

Tara Callaghan
Tara CallaghanCoach | Nutrition Support | Owner
CrossFit Level 2 | CrossFit Kids |USA Weightlifting Level 1 | USA Powerlifting Club Coach

Tara spent many years as an avid runner before trying CrossFit about 8 years ago. She quickly became impressed with CrossFit due to its variety, scalability and application to everyday life, but most of all she became hooked on the CrossFit community and how it supports its members through whatever fitness journey they choose. Tara has had a longtime interest in fitness and health; she spent time as a nurse in the US Army then went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Public Health. During the day, Tara works for the Montana Primary Care Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving access to high-quality, community-based, affordable primary health care in Montana, especially for underserved and vulnerable populations.

Tara co-owns CCCF with her husband Anthony and is a CrossFit Level 2 and CrossFit Kids trainer, and also holds USA Weightlifting Level 1 and USA Powerlifting Club Coach certifications.

Kara Assaley
Kara AssaleyCoach
American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer | CrossFit Level 2 | CrossFit Kids | USA Weightlifting Level 2 | USA Powerlifting Club Coach

Growing up, Kara enjoyed all sports and fitness. It seemed natural after Kara moved to Missoula from West Virginia that she would pursue fitness and sports further by obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Human Performance. After graduating she got her American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer certification, and worked with both individuals and small groups as a trainer at a gym in Missoula. Kara began using a lot of CrossFit based workouts for her own training as well as many of her clients. In the fall of 2012 Kara got her Level 1 CrossFit Certificate, and moved to Butte, where she began working out and coaching at Copper City CrossFit. Kara now holds a CrossFit L2, CrossFit Kids,  USAW Advanced Sport Performance Certificate and a USA Powerlifting Club Coach certificate.

Krissy Kraczkowsky
Krissy KraczkowskyCoach
CrossFit Level 1 | CrossFit Kids | USA Powerlifting Club Coach | CrossFit Gymnastics

A lifelong athlete, and health, wellness, and fitness enthusiast, Krissy started CrossFit three years ago in Baltimore, MD. After playing field hockey for Johns Hopkins University, where she majored in Public Health and received her Master’s in Public Health and Business Administration, Krissy spent years trying out and instructing different fitness programs – from boot camp classes to indoor cycling to kick boxing. CrossFit was the perfect combination of what she had been looking for – high-intensity, fun, competitive, variable, and, most importantly, had an incredible feeling of community. It was unlike any other program Krissy had experienced – she saw results, felt challenged, and was constantly learning new things. Krissy received her CrossFit Level 1 in April 2016, and began coaching part-time (in addition to her full-time position at a Baltimore-based non-profit, where she oversaw running, cycling, and triathlon training teams). Her favorite aspect of CrossFit is that there is always progress to be made – new skills, improved technique, heavier weight, faster times.  Krissy moved to Butte in August 2016 with her three dogs and her husband and she loves it here!

Sarah Gallagher
Sarah GallagherNutrition Support, Registered Dietitian
Bachelor Science from Washington State University

I have been doing CrossFit for about 4 years. Since then I have improved on my strength, endurance, balance and mobility. CrossFit has made me a stronger person, inside and out, and I surprise myself with what I am capable of accomplishing in and out of the gym. I love the supportive environment in our CrossFit community. I’m excited to share my nutrition knowledge as I feel nutrition, along with fitness, is the foundation of our health and well being.

Alison Spencer
Alison SpencerCoach
CrossFit Level 1 | USA Weightlifting Level 1

Alison learned of CrossFit when she decided to change her diet about 5 years ago. She looked to nutrition to stop a growing waistline and sort out a low energy, stuck-in-a-rut period of life. She chose the Primal Blueprint’s approach to nutrition, which also advocates re-learning to play and practicing functional fitness. As luck would have it, 6 months into her nutrition journey Copper City CrossFit came to town. Alison joined during its first month of operation in 2012 to learn how to squat, deadlift, and do a pull-up. Now, 4 years later she’s learned many gymnastics skills, fell in love with Olympic lifting, and continues to practice a paleo-based diet to support her CrossFit habit. She’s always open to learning new things and sharing her nutrition and fitness journey to help others. She received her CrossFit Level 1 certificate in December 2015.

Elisa Neiswender
Elisa NeiswenderCoach
CF L1 Certified | CrossFit Kids
Elisa grew up in Spokane, WA and was more of a book worm than an athlete.  However, in adulthood, she realized that since exercise is part of a healthy life, she better start doing some.  She tried out several fitness avenues: going to a Globo gym, taking classes and running outside.  She found that these did not interest her and she couldn’t maintain any consistency. She discovered CrossFit in 2012 and was hooked right away. CrossFit has shown her that her body is capable of doing far more than she thought. She loves the CrossFit community and  thrives on a group of people encouraging one another to be the best they can be.  She has remained consistent with CrossFit through several military moves and has seen amazing improvements in ability and strength.
In February 2016, Elisa received her CrossFit Level 1 certification.  Her desire to coach stemmed from the experience she had with a coach from 2015-2017.  This coach said things in a way she understood and CrossFit made more sense than ever before. She realized she wanted to pass that instruction and encouragement on to other athletes.  With a move to Butte in 2017, this became a possibility. Copper City CrossFit felt like home from the beginning and she feels amazingly blessed to be a part of this community.
Erin Butori
Erin ButoriAthletic Trainer
Licensed Athletic Trainer


Danelle Adams
Danelle AdamsCoach
CrossFit Level 1
Danelle was born and raised in the Butte/Anaconda area where she and her husband are now raising their two children. An avid volleyball player from grade school to college, she knew there was something missing when her volleyball career ended. She would try all the fitness crazes as they popped up, but she never found anything that she could stick with for very long without getting bored. After trying CrossFit 3 years ago, she quickly fell in love with the process . and the sense of community CrossFit created. She not only wanted to become fitter and healthier herself, but she also wanted to help those around her obtain their goals; in October of 2017 she obtained her CrossFit Level 1 certification. Danelle has had experience coaching CrossFit since the beginning of 2018. CrossFit has helped Danelle excel in all areas of her life – from being a better mom to enjoying all of the outdoor activities that Montana has to offer.
Colton Fisher
Colton FisherCoach
USA Weightlifting Level 1

Colton began lifting weights for football and track in high school. After graduation, he found that he still had a drive to compete. This pushed him into a number of strength-related sports such as Strongman, Highland Games, Powerlifting, and Olympic Weightlifting.  Colton moved away for a brief period after college and trained primarily for Strongman. Upon returning to Butte,he found that Copper City CrossFit was the only facility in town that fit his training needs. Over the years he gradually changed sports and found a personal connection with the strength and technique required for Olympic Weightlifting, and has trained and competed regularly for the past 3 years. Colton became interested in coaching and obtained his USAW Sports Performance Coaching certification (formally USA Weightlifting Level 1) in June of 2019.  He loves sharing his passion for lifting with both Butte Barbell Club and CCCF members.

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