The CrossFit Kids program at Copper City CrossFit is led by Coach Anthony and Coach Krissy, but we also have Coach Kara, Coach Elisa and Coach Tara that have all attended their CrossFit Kids course and routinely assist in kid classes.
Kids ages five to nine attend the CrossFit Kids class twice a week for fifty minute sessions. The goal of each CrossFit Kids class is to have FUN, be safe, and enjoy activity.
Each session is structured as follows:
– WARM-UP (5 Minutes): CrossFit Kids warm up in a game, obstacle course, friendly-competition, or dynamic movement format. Warm ups help CrossFit Kids get physically primed for the class, allow the coach to connect with the kids, and help the kids focus.
– SKILL (10 Minutes): Each CrossFit Kids class designates time for skill development. During this session, CrossFit Kids learn or review a skill or movement that will be incorporated in the workout. This summer, skills and movements will focus on gymnastics in the CrossFit Kids program. Gymnastics doesn’t necessarily mean flips and handstands (although we do incorporate basic elements of those into the program). In CrossFit Kids, gymnastics refers to body weight movements (push ups, pull ups, dips, etc ) that help improve coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. These are important for kids to learn at an early age to help them establish proper movement patterns for play, sports, activities, etc.
– CONDITIONING / WORKOUT (10 Minutes for Prep and Workout): This is the CrossFit Kids “WOD” or “Workout of the Day”- typically an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), EMOM (every minute on the minute), or a Tabata-style interval workout. At the end of the workout, everyone high fives each other on a job well done!
– GAME (10 Minutes): This is the best part of the CrossFit Kids class – the game! We play a variety of old favorites as well as new favorites during our games sessions. Games incorporate movement, fun, and a little bit of friendly competition.
– WRAP-UP (5 Minutes): During the “wrap up” portion of CrossFit Kids, we have a question of the day (such as “What is your favorite outdoor activity?”). Each kid goes around and answers the question while the others listen (we utilize a “talking cone” to avoid interruptions). This is also the time we recognize the best listeners in class! Each kid receives their own notebook during CrossFit Kids. During the wrap up, the best listeners get to add a sticker to their notebook. At the end of each cycle, kids that have the most stickers get a prize!
At CCCF, we want to instill the idea that fitness is fun and help develop a lifelong love for fitness in our youth. While our CrossFit Big Kids (ages 9-12) and CrossFit Teens (ages 13-18) follow a program that is similar to our adult, we change certain components in order to tailor our CrossFit Big Kids/Teen classes to their ages and capabilities.
First, we program GAMES into our warm-ups. This helps them relax, open up and have fun while warming up their muscles for the workout. It is also a great way to capture kids’ attention and makes it easier for them to stay engaged throughout class. We also modify the weights, movements and workout durations, as youth have different needs and capabilities than adults, and our first priority is their safety. The workouts remain generally the same with the same movement patterns but may have lighter weights, less reps and sometimes we will have kids partner up and share the work (which also serves as a great team building exercise). These changes are listed on our website ( so that athletes and parents are able to see and anticipate the workouts for each day.
Our goal is for our CrossFit Big Kids/Teens to be excited to come to class and feel confident in their abilities to complete their workouts.
Coach Krissy, Anthony and Elisa