Olympic Weightlifting
The Butte Barbell Club youth weightlifting programs are 6-week cycles that correspond with local and national weightlifting meets. They also help introduce kids to the sport/activity/training methodology of Olympic Weightlifting in a controlled environment under the supervision of experienced and qualified coaching staff. We just wrapped up a 6 week session for our national qualifiers, which lead up to the 2018 Youth National Weightlifting Championships in Grand Rapids, MI. This is our third year sending youth athletes to nationals, and this year we sent ten of our youth weightlifters to Michigan, where all of them did an amazing job representing our club, our town and the state of Montana.
Our next youth weighting cycle will begin July 10th and will consist of both beginner and experienced classes for kids 7-17.
We look forward to working with your children!
Our “Primer” class is a stepping-stone into some of our more advanced or competitive weightlifting classes, as well as an opportunity for inexperienced weightlifters to hone their technique and skills and also build some considerable strength in the process. The Olympic lifts are very technical movements, which utilize your entire body, and because of this we use our 6-week primer class to break down the lifts and focus on quality movements and positions. This ensures each athlete becomes more comfortable and proficient with them. These courses are great for anyone who wants to improve in the olympic lifts, including beginners. We just wrapped up a 6 week “Primer” class that yielded great results for all participants, including Sue Grant Burt, Mike Gallagher, Dana Fisher, Dorothy Joyce, Claire Holman, Kimi Burt Silk, Tom Foley, Brenda Miner and Jaclyn Marie Giop!
Our next Olympic Weightlifting Technique Primer Course is scheduled to launch in late August. Keep an eye out for the next rendition of this course on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/buttebarbellclub/
In our intermediate and competitors classes the focus shifts from the breakdown of the lifts to fine tuning the lifts. After attending one or more of our Olympic Weightlifting Technique Primer courses athletes may graduate into intermediate and then competitors’ classes if certain criteria are met. These two classes run concurrently, with the largest difference being that the competitors’ class tends to have more volume and a larger focus around Weightlifting meets. Both of these classes run in 8 to 12-week cycles, which will typically lead up to a local or national level Weightlifting meet.
We are currently running a 12-week cycle which will prepare competitive lifters for the Montana State Weightlifting Championships hosted by Butte Barbell Club and taking place on August, 11th!
You can find more information about the 2018 Montana State Weightlifting Championships here: https://business.facebook.com/events/172403003453000/
Coach Kara and Coach Anthony