As I write this it’s snowing. Believe it or not summer is coming, and we want to emphasize building your show muscles in the next six weeks. Before we know it, “suns out guns out” will be the mantra and we want our community to look its best for those precious 8 days of Montana sun and fun before fall begins. We do plenty of core work during our met-cons. Our accessory work in this programming block will focus on other areas. Guys, I’m not guaranteeing bowling ball delts and bulging biceps veins, but we have plenty of sets and super-sets programmed to help build those guns.

In all seriousness, since the beginning of the year our coaches have been performing these isometric exercises and prescribing similar reps and sets to our male and female members whom have received personal training. In our personal experiences focusing on individual muscles, like deltoids for example, strengthens and increases activation of those shoulder muscles, and translates into stronger and more stable overhead and inverted positions. Stability and strength: these ideals are also supported by our existing implementation of strict gymnastic movements.


Our strength for this block is simple. We squat every Monday. Varied throughout the week is press, bench press and deadlift. At least one day each week strength will be an Olympic lift. At the beginning, you will notice that the weight percentage is lower and the reps are higher. In each following week, percentages go up and reps decrease. Even though the sets and reps may seem boring, please remember the following things to help increase your strength:

No matter if the bar is empty, loaded with 60%, or 102%, remember to move the bar FAST in the concentric phase. This means the ascension of the squat, the press of both the strict and bench press, and the pull of the deadlift. Have an attitude that you will move the bar as fast as possible in to the top of your squat, press or deadlift!

Keep constant tension on the bar in the eccentric phase. All the muscles you’re working should be on AND STAY ON to your end range of motion when it’s time to move the bar fast (mentioned above). No bouncing in your squat, bouncing the bar off your chest, or bouncing your deadlift weights.


The weather is getting nicer, so running has made its way again into our met-cons and warm-ups. Since most of us haven’t run much this winter, please take some extra time (and extra stretching if need be) getting back into running/jogging mode the first couple weeks. There are a couple workouts we intentionally made heavy and difficult. Lace it up, lock it in, get your mind right and get them done!


Coach Ray Ray